Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I liked the 'in another place' prompt because I could place someone where I thought they really belonged. Elyse is my cousin, who's a latter day hippie, a counselor struggling to find a paying position, and a Dead head. I just feel like she'd be happier in another decade, when a bachelor's degree in psychology actually meant something, and crusty 20 year olds could follow the Dead in ripped jeans for a year. When it was still safe to hitchhike to a campground with your boyfriend in some dude's VW bus. I think she'd have freedom to have a lot more experiences if she wasn't tied to some crap job and $50,000 in student loans, and then she'd use those experiences to do something really wonderful, like start a women's shelter. 

Anyway. What is freewriting? It's just what it sounds like - put fingers to keys and make words come out. I'm doing this blog for a lot of reasons, but what I get out of it is a reason to write something new every week. I'm working on a novel and I have a job, but that's just *work*. It gets stifling, boring. I'm hoping you people will give me more to want to write for.

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