Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Welcome to the blog. If you're here, you're participating. I commit to write at least one prompt response a week. You, the reader, are welcome to respond in the comments, your own blog, your personal ink-and-paper journals, or in your own head. I want no layabouts here! If you're reading, you're thinking. I'm not a trained monkey, after all, but I do take requests. Email them to or post them in the comments.

What's a scrivener? "Bartleby the Scrivener" is the only accessible short story Melville ever wrote. Go read it. It's subversive.

What's a collider?
We write, we collide. We talk about our writing and ideas crash together and creativity happens. It's like chemistry that way. Also it's a technicy thing Homer Simpson could blow up.

Who are you?
I'm Your Scrivener and a librarian living with my parents outside a major East Coast city. I'm constantly looking for a better job. I'm a nightcrawler, I'm gay, I crochet, I read anything halfway amusing, I watch a lot of movies from Netflix. My driving motivation is to escape boredom.

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