Sunday, January 10, 2010

a few new prompts

PhotobucketI finally got the fire going, so I can write up some Prompts For You All.*

*I come by this term through marriage, as it were - my SIL is from Texas. Words are lovely and useful things and it's perfectly serviceable to adopt words from wherever one finds them. Voice, after all, is an acquired skill.

I encourage you to respond one or more of these prompts in the comments, on your own journal (but please leave a link in the comments!), or the privacy of your imagination.

1. "Your baking is always so . . . interesting."

2. The things you overhear in a mad scientist's lab.

3. An old woman dies and leaves a generous fortune to her cat. Everyone wants a piece, except one person.

4. You never noticed a particular detail in a family heirloom before.

5. What does the apprentice (or familiar) do when the witch or wizard says "oops"?

Photo credit: Old typewriter by Petr Kratochvil

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