Tuesday, March 30, 2010

tips: more prompts than you can gather under your hat

Sites to find a less traditional prompt (that aren't a pain to visit):

PostSecret - Every 5x4 piece of confessional artwork tells a story.

Overheard In New York - "So I says to Mabel, I says..." Go here to work on your dialogue and character. Google for other cities.

FOUND Magazine - Stuff. Letters, notes, drawings. The detritus of civilization. Where did it come from and who found it?

Not Always Right - Customer blunders. The worst part is, we've all been that dumbass at the front of the line. Go here for your small town color and big city ennui.

National Geographic Photography Archives - From landscapes to people, the beautiful to the bizarre, our world and far beyond the stars. If you can't find a picture of it here, maybe you should consider if your SF is too inaccessable.

Youtube - Most people use this go-to idiot box for vids, but youcan also find any song in the history of ever on the biggest multimedia site on the web. Music and writers have had a long history together. If you just have to hear "Thriller" or you'll never finish your big love scene, Youtube is the place to go.

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